Friday, June 21, 2013

Construction has begun!

(Cover your ears, because I'm likely to squeal!)

Happy dove! This fella built a nest on that very branch--which is just outside the WINDOWS of the new studio! 

For about three years now I've been begging, conjecturing, pleading, sketching on graph paper, imagining, sweet hubby to "PLEASE let us close in the large screened porch just outside our bedroom and make it my craft area. Please?"
He finally agreed. I'm not sure why, whether it was the supper I cooked that evening or my desperate mention of possibly outfitting the tree house complete with a zip line or rope bridge from the house so that I could even cross the yard on rainy days without getting wet feet...but I digress.
The tree house. View from the back deck. Most of the LEAVES you see under the tire swing area would be underwater when we get a normal rain...

 The morning after we had that conversation he said he thought we COULD do the porch, and I (cautiously) began shoving all manner of magazine and pinterest pictures at him so he could get a bit of MY vision for the project. I wanted to use salvage doors or windows for most of the walls so that it would still be quite see-through(his biggest objection was looking out our three large windows into a messy craft area rather than into the condemned, messy green and wildlife-full back yard).
During the last two-month-long sewing project, the craft area took over half of the main area downstairs. WHY would he think my craft STUDIO would be messy, anyway???

Sooo, for about a month we've been acquiring old doors and windows. We were having a bit of trouble finding a super-skinny exterior door as late as Monday this week, when he drove past his brother's home and THERE was a skinny full-light door by their storage building! Shamelessly he called and asked if we could get it, and he GAVE it to us! What a blessing!

They began construction on it this past Tuesday, and hope to get it completely closed in today. My friend's husband has been doing most of the work "helping" my hubby, and it has moved quickly. I'm so excited!

Here is the porch BEFORE we took down the screens. Except in this picture it had been cleaned. Usually it had a large assortment of shoes, cat bowls, toys, beach towels, and bird seed. NOT a pretty sight! The water cooler is going away. It was a great idea that didn't pan out quite right. Ah, well, that's what Craigslist is FOR, anyway!

We are only enclosing one end--the area is approximately 7x17. That will leave a TINY(6x7) screened area between the house and yard in order to mitigate the mosquito hordes' attacks during our twelve-month seige this year.
This was the end of the day on Tuesday. WOW! What a difference(see the tree house? lol)! The old doors have just enough "character" to make it interesting. Of course, it will all be painted. Ideas on colors anyone? I'm all ears!
End of the day Thursday. Transformation! They still have to close in the main wall completely.(The dog thinks we built this space just for her, I fear.)
View from the other direction. White door goes into the much-smaller-now screened area with access to the house and the back yard.

The FREE skinny door! 

View from by the tree house steps. I think it's going to blend nicely with the back of the house. Yes, we need to landscape the "hill". Erosion is a beast and it will take a very determined groundcover to handle that hilly and shady problem. Ideas?

The free door again. From the West. The hole is for the ac unit. I think it blends very nicely with the house! Hubby agrees. (Score!)

So today they plan to finish the outside except for painting. Then we can move on to the fun inside finish work part. I'm dreaming up storage solutions that won't cover the windows at all(kind of a challenge) and hoping to not overfill the floor space, either. All on a non-existent budget. Please leave ideas or websites with cute storage options if you have any!

I'm so excited!

Oh, and HAPPY(first official day of) SUMMER!
Meanwhile I am dreaming of a COLD Christmas! :)

Keep Cool and Carry On!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Saturday a week before Father's Day

This rose we have named "The Rose of World Domination" finally BLOOMED this year for the first time in three years--pink and white on the same plant! Just had to show, for the rest of the post!

This past weekend we woke up early to get on the road to visit my parents in Mississippi. While watering the containers outside, C came across this pretty girl in our flowerbed...
 Laying eggs! How exciting! We will be watching for baby red-eared sliders in a few weeks! I don't know if I've said it before here, but I adore turtles. They're probably my absolute favorite animal(but don't tell Queen Anne the kitty that, please, as I will never get off her bad list!).

After we finally managed to get in the car and moving down the road, we stopped for my hubby to visit some old friends for a few minutes. Their house looked SO MUCH like Green Gables. We were all oooh-y and aaaah-y as we waited in the car.

THEN we were treated to some local entertainment. 

Is there anything funnier than goslings? So gangly and clumsy and CUTE! Their friend the duck had a hard time keeping up, but did pretty well. We laughed and laughed at this foursome.

After lunch at Mom's, we visited my Mawmaw and Pawpaw's old house. Her hydrangea--which has been there longer than I can recall--was in FULL bloom. Gorgeous. 

I don't think there were any snakes under it, either. She used to tell me to stay away from it because of snakes. :)

It was a super quick afternoon and before we were ready we had to head home, but we were gifted with a perfectly pink sunset on the way.
 It reminded us that we'd love to head to the beach, but I also realized that we have beautiful sunsets to enjoy almost every time we visit my parents. What a treat!
 We arrived home in the "blue hour". This picture would be perfect if the lamp post had not been working switched on already! 

There's no place like home!