Monday, August 26, 2013

The Redhead turns 13--a Penny Pincher Party based on an American Girl Kit Kittredge

How's that for a title? It's not quite as long as her tenth birthday party theme--"Teeny Tiny Pink Princess Kitty Cat Cake Decorating Birthday Party"--a post that continues to get lots of hits, presumably because there were SO MANY TOPICS included in the theme! However, we covered quite a list of ideas and projects for this one as well....

First, of course, I must explain that The Redhead Birthday Girl Extraordinaire did NOT even GET a party last year. We had non-profit volunteer activities pre-planned last year ON her birthday. I almost didn't make it out alive, but she thankfully forgave me! That just meant the party this year needed to be DONE and done BETTER. High expectations. Plus, 13 is kind of a big deal!

Our inspiration started once we had narrowed down our options from several, including Anne of Green Gables(who will probably make an appearance next year!). It was hard deciding. I admit that when I heard American Girl I kind of pushed in that direction. I mean, 13 years old, my BABY GIRL.
 How many more DOLL parties will I get to do?(And I do love the dolls!)

So, we chose Kit. Redhead bought Kit on ebay when she was 8 years old; half her own money, half ours. Kit's been a friend awhile now. She has other dolls, but Kit holds the highest place. I love that. She's probably my favorite AG character, as well.

Here's the description from the website about Kit:

Even though the Great Depression was filled with hard times for families,
 Kit helps hers by being resourceful.
 With her best friend, Ruthie, by her side, Kit figures out clever ways to make do with what she has.
 She also learns to treasure what money can’t buy—friends and family.
There’s more to Kit’s story...
From pinching pennies to
saving the holidays—it’s
all in Kit’s six-book series.

Our inspiration for decor came from Kit's birthday party set:
photo from American Girl website; click to hop over there!
Pretty pink Depression glassware, embroidered cloth, chocolate rolled cake, flowers. Are you starting to see why Kit is my favorite? 

We also had Kit's birthday accessories to go on:
photo from AG Playthings click to visit

Paper lanterns, paper fans, candy, roll cake..

Then, of course, the book cover from "Happy Birthday, Kit!" was our inspiration.
Such a sweet picture. Grace begging for food and Kit sitting SO ladylike with her ankles crossed! (And her dress even covers her knees when she sits. Wow!)
Sister J did a great job on the marker board for the party!

She already owned Kit's best friend, Ruthie, AND Kit's table and chairs, so setting up the doll's table was not hard at all. Grace the basset hound joined in on the fun, but she did NOT chase the chickens this time!(You'll have to read the book!)
The dolls' cake is a Little Debbie Swiss Roll, sliced.
 If you look hard on ebay, you can find the pink hobnail doll sized pitcher and glasses.

We set them up on my cedar chest which is in the breakfast nook, kind of like a low sideboard.
You can see in the next two pictures that we set up seats for the doll GUESTS on the window seat in the nook. Each seat contained her favor bag.

I'll tell  more about the doll-and-girl party favors later!
The main party table belonged to my mom's mother. My dad's mother embroidered the cloth. That made it super-special, and we were amazed how they looked "made for each other" when the cloth went on.

The table was set with Mom's luncheon plates, given to her by a sweet neighbor friend several years ago. We found the pink bowls(Arcoroc)at a local shop. Not old, but PINK. Vintage handkerchiefs served as napkins and the silver plate is Community Noblesse(nearly complete service for 8 for $5 at GW years and years ago!).
 I used various things for the centerpiece. Favorite old teapot and pinky-pearly cups, Kit mini dolls.
Of course, milk glass. Tiny chicken(Kit's chickens are important to her family!). Paper fans.
 More Depression glass, and an American Girl framed puzzle of Kit and Grace.
We hung paper lanterns like Kit had at her penny-pincher party.

The party setting was complete, of course, when all the girls were seated. 

What loveliness they added!

I think one thing I've learned about "entertaining" is that the hostess should always consider her guests as an integral part of the setting...each person's individual beauty adds SO much to the party atmosphere!

Here's a shot of all the girls.

This post has gotten long, so I'll close for now. I'll have to talk about the girl-and-doll matching dresses and the rest of our decor in another post or two...oh, and favor bags(my favorite part of any birthday party!)

Hope you enjoyed this! It was so much fun to do!

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Monday, August 12, 2013

Kit Won!

Kit's gift card came in today's mail. She's very excited to do some shopping! Thanks to everyone who voted for her!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Please help--TODAY!!!!

Hi Friends! 
My sweet Redhead made this photo collage of her favorite American Girl doll, Kit, to enter in a photo contest at American Girl Fan. It's a sweet blog, and the Redhead LOVES the ideas there.  This contest is not being judged other than by number of votes coming from the random public. As a biased mom, obviously I think MY GIRL should win. So I'm asking YOU to help by VOTING. It will take less than 60 seconds and maybe four clicks? You can do this for her, right?
Click this link
Scroll down and click the button by #33 "Lu and her doll Kit"
THEN scroll allllll the way down and click VOTE.

THEN share it with somebody else, and if you have a smartphone, you can vote that way AGAIN! Right now she has just over 40 votes and the leading picture has nearly NINETY. There is still time for the Redhead(birthday girl this month!)to WIN the American Girl gift card--but the contest ends at midnight. Please help her out!

Thank you!
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