Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Another Autumn Vignette-with Annie the Cat

A Touch of Fall for the Mantel

Monday I finally decided what to DO with the big wall mirror and mantel since Hubby had repainted the wall. The color is actually a blue-gray. I had thought we would go with white, but then I was afraid the mantel would just blend in too much, so we will look at it a few months and see what I think. It is SO much different from the burgundy that was there; I'm thrilled with the lightness!
It looks like Fall! 

I still have  to come up with some more "stuff" to put on the wall itself on either side. The mirror is a bit small, but I like the warmth of the wood frame and how the blue paint ties in with my blue and white and orangey pretties.

We hung the  mirror at a severe angle so that it reflects more of what's in front of it and the table, too. That made it hard to get a picture without the turtle tank in the back ground! But, hey, I have four kids and we have TURTLES! That's life!

My little table centerpiece. It's so happy to be in the season of lighting candles again!(The days are shorter, though temps are still pushing 90.)

Monday was The Boy's tenth birthday, too. Thus the dogs in front of the fireplace. We didn't do much for the big day, but will have a small party this weekend. We like "birthday weeks" more, anyway.

How's your bit of fall coming along?

Edits: I added two prints and a row of plates to help fill out the wall. I think it looks better. Wondering if I should hang anything at all on the large blank spot over the computer. What do you think?

Monday, October 7, 2013

The Redhead turns 13--a Penny Pincher Party based on an American Girl Kit Kittredge, Part 3: Party Favors

Part of the fun of having a doll party is getting to do (almost)everything in miniature as well as real-life size. The Kit Kittredge party was no exception. I already showed you the doll-size favor bag waiting on the guests to arrive.
For the girls' bags, we used more "feed sack" fabric--which was great for a fabriholic to do some stash busting! Each girl had a drawstring bag. The fabrics weren't all the same, and we let them pick what they liked. 
To emphasize the idea of chicken feed sacks, I created a logo with free clip art and the editing software. It says "Start 'em out right with Chicken Marm!" We call the Redhead our Chicken Marm(as in old-school teacher!)because she keeps our chooks WELL in hand. This was a fun and easy project to further personalize the day.

 The contents of the bags were some vintage-looking paper dolls printed from the internet, paper fans we purchased on ebay, a notepad and pen(because Kit wants to be a reporter!), and a vintage handkerchief(ebay again).
The dolls' bags also had mini paper dolls, a mini sticker sheet, a small paper fan, and we used a template to print out the little handkerchiefs on the leftover iron-on paper for the doll hankies. I used an old dress shirt to adhere them to, then just cut VERY close to the edge of the decal--no fraying, no sewing. They turned out SO cute!

Next post will be about the candy shop and party games we played. 
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Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Redhead turns 13--a Penny Pincher Party based on an American Girl Kit Kittredge, Part 2: Doll-and-Girl Dresses

My Redhead long ago outgrew the sizes that American Girl provides on their "dress like your doll" clothing, but she wanted to have a matched outfit with Kit for their party. In the books we read about clothes made from flour sacks, and thought that might be a fun concept to run with, so we picked out the most "sacky" fabric we could find that wasn't a HUGE print(because of the small-scale needed for the doll dress). I used a FREE pattern I found on for a faux wrap dress. I made it even more faux-wrap, with adjustments(of course.) The doll dress was pieced together from several other patterns we had on hand. It also took several adjustments! We also found a matching compass charm for the big girl--very similar to Kit's necklace. 
And a full length. It was simple but sweet. And it covered her knees. NOT an easy task on a size 1 who happens to be 5-feet-nine-inches tall!

 This sister is the one who fashioned the long red hair into a "faux bob" to look like Kit's cute hair.

We found this sister's dress at GW--I thought the print was fairly perfect for the time period theme!

Speaking of flour sacks, next post will be about favor bags.