Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Touch of Fall for the Mantel

Monday I finally decided what to DO with the big wall mirror and mantel since Hubby had repainted the wall. The color is actually a blue-gray. I had thought we would go with white, but then I was afraid the mantel would just blend in too much, so we will look at it a few months and see what I think. It is SO much different from the burgundy that was there; I'm thrilled with the lightness!
It looks like Fall! 

I still have  to come up with some more "stuff" to put on the wall itself on either side. The mirror is a bit small, but I like the warmth of the wood frame and how the blue paint ties in with my blue and white and orangey pretties.

We hung the  mirror at a severe angle so that it reflects more of what's in front of it and the table, too. That made it hard to get a picture without the turtle tank in the back ground! But, hey, I have four kids and we have TURTLES! That's life!

My little table centerpiece. It's so happy to be in the season of lighting candles again!(The days are shorter, though temps are still pushing 90.)

Monday was The Boy's tenth birthday, too. Thus the dogs in front of the fireplace. We didn't do much for the big day, but will have a small party this weekend. We like "birthday weeks" more, anyway.

How's your bit of fall coming along?

Edits: I added two prints and a row of plates to help fill out the wall. I think it looks better. Wondering if I should hang anything at all on the large blank spot over the computer. What do you think?

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Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

The gravy boat touch is fantastic!