Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Redhead turns 13--a Penny Pincher Party based on an American Girl Kit Kittredge, Part 2: Doll-and-Girl Dresses

My Redhead long ago outgrew the sizes that American Girl provides on their "dress like your doll" clothing, but she wanted to have a matched outfit with Kit for their party. In the books we read about clothes made from flour sacks, and thought that might be a fun concept to run with, so we picked out the most "sacky" fabric we could find that wasn't a HUGE print(because of the small-scale needed for the doll dress). I used a FREE pattern I found on for a faux wrap dress. I made it even more faux-wrap, with adjustments(of course.) The doll dress was pieced together from several other patterns we had on hand. It also took several adjustments! We also found a matching compass charm for the big girl--very similar to Kit's necklace. 
And a full length. It was simple but sweet. And it covered her knees. NOT an easy task on a size 1 who happens to be 5-feet-nine-inches tall!

 This sister is the one who fashioned the long red hair into a "faux bob" to look like Kit's cute hair.

We found this sister's dress at GW--I thought the print was fairly perfect for the time period theme!

Speaking of flour sacks, next post will be about favor bags.



Gabby said...

Beautiful job on the dresses, and the girls are even more beautiful! I'm amazed at the neat things you all do for your birthday parties. So inspiring.

jelly andrews said...

The matching clothes are such a cute idea. I love it. It gives an impression that your doll is a miniature of you.

Melissa said...

I went back and read all your posts on the Kit Kittredge party as well as a few others. The party looks darling!! I love all the sweet details - especially the girls with their hats.

I had so much fun doing this party that I sort of want to talk my nine-year-old into something like a Little House on the Prairie or Redwall party for her tenth. :)

I know all about the attitude problems you mentioned in an earlier post. It is so disheartening. You have my full sympathy. You want your children to display God's heart and when they don't it is so discouraging. Stick it out...we both know it is worth it!!