Monday, October 7, 2013

The Redhead turns 13--a Penny Pincher Party based on an American Girl Kit Kittredge, Part 3: Party Favors

Part of the fun of having a doll party is getting to do (almost)everything in miniature as well as real-life size. The Kit Kittredge party was no exception. I already showed you the doll-size favor bag waiting on the guests to arrive.
For the girls' bags, we used more "feed sack" fabric--which was great for a fabriholic to do some stash busting! Each girl had a drawstring bag. The fabrics weren't all the same, and we let them pick what they liked. 
To emphasize the idea of chicken feed sacks, I created a logo with free clip art and the editing software. It says "Start 'em out right with Chicken Marm!" We call the Redhead our Chicken Marm(as in old-school teacher!)because she keeps our chooks WELL in hand. This was a fun and easy project to further personalize the day.

 The contents of the bags were some vintage-looking paper dolls printed from the internet, paper fans we purchased on ebay, a notepad and pen(because Kit wants to be a reporter!), and a vintage handkerchief(ebay again).
The dolls' bags also had mini paper dolls, a mini sticker sheet, a small paper fan, and we used a template to print out the little handkerchiefs on the leftover iron-on paper for the doll hankies. I used an old dress shirt to adhere them to, then just cut VERY close to the edge of the decal--no fraying, no sewing. They turned out SO cute!

Next post will be about the candy shop and party games we played. 
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