Saturday, December 21, 2013

A Sweet Giveaway (just in time) for Christmas!

My Redhead girl who LOVES her American Girl dolls has decided NOW is the time to do a girls-and-dolls sweet treats giveaway...drawing will be on Christmas Eve; if you win, you'll have your treats in hand by Epiphany!

Click here to enter, and SHARE, please! It would mean so much to her!

Thank you!!!!!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Tree--Last Year's Version, anyway!

I don't think I ever posted pictures of our tree last year, and since this year's tree isn't yet up,
 I thought I'd revisit last year's tree. 
Maybe it will help me get motivated to decorate around here. 
 I have several photos and cards that I put on the tree, usually.
 It's so sweet to look back at how little the kids were!
 The little white chenille wreath was made by a sweet lady who was our church librarian when when I was about ten years old. She made these out of OLD ornament bits and gave them to our Sunday school class. Seeing it reminds me of all the great stories she encouraged me to read.
 I did finally manage to start wrapping gifts today. 
Here's Kit safeguarding C's new hat last year. 

 Last year we had little people coming to visit right after Christmas, so I picked only some of my most favorite ornaments for last year's tree. The nutcracker belongs to The Boy's collection, and the kitty cat basket belongs to the Redhead.
The card with the couple looking at the map is a humorous reminder of the "You should have turned there!" scenario we re-enact on EVERY road trip.
 The red boots remind me of little feet and muddy yards and swing sets of days gone past.
 A Christmas card picture taken when it snowed several years ago. 
This was early in the morning; they were so excited that it was snowing, they were up before dawn!
 Maybe soon there will be a tree to see this year! 

Enjoy the days! They are fleeting!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Did Someone Say Christmas?

Wow! Look at the date! I am finding it hard to believe that we are 15 days away from Christmas, even though blogland has exploded with red and green, gingerbread men and santas, and snow and sparkle. We are working on a fairly big project right now--which ends this week but began back in early October; and my girls are still in classes online with quite a bit of work, so it doesn't "feel" like the Christmas season yet. I've not managed to put up a tree or decorate the mantel or even open any boxes of decorations. I have managed to finish shopping for two children and gotten a good start on everyone else--thank you, cyber week sales! Not one gift has been wrapped yet, however. I know at the last minute I will likely be wrapping madly and scribbling names on packages with a Sharpie...unless I pay a child to wrap her own gifts again(Yes, I did this last year and it was GREAT!).  

I did manage, back in November, to get the twinkle lights strung in my craft studio.
 Since there are windows on both sides of the room, the reflection of the lights goes on and on till it looks like thousands of tiny twinkles instead of only 200! 

I also managed to get the dollhouse decorated. Not high on the priority list, but it fell in the category of Things I'm Always Intending To Do at Christmas But Never Accomplish, as well as the category of 
Things I Can Finish Quickly.
 Hazel's bedroom has a beach-themed tree this year and a simple green holly wreath on the fireplace. She's been busy wrapping up a few gifts too--kept up here till closer to the big day for safekeeping and no-peeking!
The dolls were glad they didn't have to climb any ladders to hang the outside decorations! Advantages of being dolls, I suppose!

 Someone's been busy baking Christmas treats, and left a sink FULL of dirty dishes! Oh, my!
 The upstairs hallway has a pretty banister decoration and a new birdcage. Downstairs needs the staircase installed again....oops!
Hazel is in the attic searching for more decorations, while visiting friend Jane is keeping Cindy company over a Christmas movie in the living room. Little sister Janie is in her room dreaming of what she will give the others for Christmas. Baby sister Lili is visiting a friend today. 

Sometimes I wish I could pop into the mini world and be done with all that's needing to be accomplished! :)
Hope your Christmas preparations are coming along merrily!