Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Tree--Last Year's Version, anyway!

I don't think I ever posted pictures of our tree last year, and since this year's tree isn't yet up,
 I thought I'd revisit last year's tree. 
Maybe it will help me get motivated to decorate around here. 
 I have several photos and cards that I put on the tree, usually.
 It's so sweet to look back at how little the kids were!
 The little white chenille wreath was made by a sweet lady who was our church librarian when when I was about ten years old. She made these out of OLD ornament bits and gave them to our Sunday school class. Seeing it reminds me of all the great stories she encouraged me to read.
 I did finally manage to start wrapping gifts today. 
Here's Kit safeguarding C's new hat last year. 

 Last year we had little people coming to visit right after Christmas, so I picked only some of my most favorite ornaments for last year's tree. The nutcracker belongs to The Boy's collection, and the kitty cat basket belongs to the Redhead.
The card with the couple looking at the map is a humorous reminder of the "You should have turned there!" scenario we re-enact on EVERY road trip.
 The red boots remind me of little feet and muddy yards and swing sets of days gone past.
 A Christmas card picture taken when it snowed several years ago. 
This was early in the morning; they were so excited that it was snowing, they were up before dawn!
 Maybe soon there will be a tree to see this year! 

Enjoy the days! They are fleeting!


Michal Woodruff said...

Oh pretty pretty. I like all your unique, individual ornaments. That's a cool idea to put your cards on there too. I'm behind too. I stayed in Texas too long, and Thanks giving was so late in November. At least all the gifts are bought. Now to wrap.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I love a tree that tells a story and yours is a bestseller!

I hope you are enjoying this holiday season.

Melissa said...

Beautiful - I hang pictures on my tree too. Each of the girls have their own ornaments (to take with them someday) too.

Did I mention that my sister's name is April?

Fiona said...

Oh your last year's tree is so pretty!
And I bet this year's is lovely, now, also. Whenever I visit your blog things seem so peaceful and lovely!
Happy New Year!

Laurie Ritchey said...

Love getting a close up glimpse of your pretty tree décor. I'm like you. When I get out the ornaments, I have a memory about each ornament. It makes tree decorating so much more fun. laurie